Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Marieannach Jewellery and Design does not keep your payment information. Payment information is within the payment platform that you use to make you payment. These are independent of Marieannach Jewellery and Design

Information collected by Marieannach Jewellery and Design

Is that which is needed to fulfil deliveries of goods purchased such as: email, phone and delivery address.

If you become a member of Marieannach Jewellery and Design any information you choose to give is by consent and will be looked after.

Cookies and other technical stuff are used by the platform for performance of the service and for the safety of users.

This information may change from time to time.

I am a Jeweller not an IT geek so apologies in advance if anything untoward happens!

I'll do my best to do whatever is asked of me by the Shopify platform to keep you safe.

Kind regards. Karen. Owner, designer, maker, floor sweeper and general dogs body of Marieannach Jewellery and Design.