Refund policy

A Solid Guarantee

Marieannach Jewellry & Design belives that communication is the key to successful outcomes.  

I make and sell my designs in good faith.

If there is a problem with a piece I will happily repair, replace or refund an item.

know it is sometimes tricky to buy online so I will happily refund if you are so unhappy with your purchase. But you must notify me within 30 days of purchase. 

I work really hard with you to ensure this does not happen. But if it does then please take the following steps:

* email me or call me to let me know that you are unhappy at or

call on: 0438651221, +61 438651221 if you are outside Australia

*wait until you receive your refund label

*package up the wayward piece safely and securely

*attatch the label

*put it in the post

*when I get the package i'll send you a refund or make the repairs or replace the item whichever is relevant 

* *NO refund on gift card**  

Please don't except a refund if the piece has been damaged on purpose... I will know! These things are personal to me I have made them with skill and care just for you, your friends or your loved ones.

Call me though I may be able to fix it for you.

Don't be shy please talk to me if you have an issue.

Kind regards.